5 Things You Might Not Think Black Girls Can Do

Maybelle Maga, Age 14

July 13, 2021

#1 Pursue a Career in Construction and Manufacturing

There are so many high schools in the valley. Some kids may choose to go to certain high schools to be with their friends or they may like the sports program at that particular high school. I personally wanted to attend a high school that would give me an opportunity to become a welder.  I am fortunate to have been accepted into the Career Technical Education Charter (CTEC) high school in Fresno, CA. Construction and manufacturing is mainly a male-driven industry. CTEC offers many opportunities in these fields. I personally believe that this is the best high school in Fresno, CA.

#2 Graduate from High School with a College Degree

I am currently a freshman attending CTEC. This high school offers dual enrollment which means I can take college courses as a high school student. When I graduate, I will earn both a high school diploma as well as an Associate of Arts degree. There are only freshmen and sophomores attending, that means I am able to get more one on one time with my instructors since there are so few students. 

#3  Obtain Industrial Tool Certification 

We utilize tools that are part of the construction and manufacturing industry. For example, I am personally certified to operate the miter saw, arbor saw, band saw, drill press, sander, and Dremel. I have also gained experience in using hammers, hand saws, drills, and other safety equipment. My favorite tool to use in the Innovation Center (IC) which is where all of our tools are held, would be the miter saw. The miter saw is my favorite because of its ability to make straight and angled cuts.

#4  Become a Skilled Carpenter 

I have built a couple of projects while at CTEC. I have built a whiteboard stand for our Enhancing a 21st Century Learning Space. There were a couple of teachers that needed materials built for their classrooms, such as a couch, a bookshelf or a place where students can write their ideas. My group chose to make a whiteboard stand for an outdoor classroom. I have also made a puzzle for my manufacturing class, a speaker box for my construction class as well as a toolbox. 

#5 Advocate for Female Enrollment in Construction 

The one thing I would change about my high school is to recruit more girls. The construction and manufacturing industry is more of a job for men, but I would like to have more girls at CTEC, so they can experience what I have experienced in these past seven months since I have been in this school.