The Audio Files: Black Boy Joy, Artist Spotlight: One Hour

July 13, 2021

It’s one hour right?

One Hour: Yes

What does that mean I don’t understand, explain more. 

OH: we were always messed with the concept of time. Sometimes infatuated. Time is infinite, and so is energy. Energy runs through us. So in that, we are infinite as well. Maybe not our physical being, but our spiritual being lives forever--that goes for everyone on this planet. 

It was also a thing in our group to make as many songs as we can in an hour before our session times as up.

 What makes your music special?

OH: Because music is a basic human function and we don't even realize it so we’re able to project our lives into the metaphysical.

How does One Hour resonate with black girl magic?    

OH: Because we believe music itself is a form of magic, and when you're able to harness it in the correct way, you can have the ability to affect an entire community, even the entire world.

How are you currently collaborating with the Fresno Balck Girl Magic Project?

OH: We are making an exclusive pro-black soundtrack for the documentary and for all of the upcoming events to make the atmosphere more familiar for everyone involved. 

Tell us about your latest projects?

OH: Our last project “The Hourglass Tape” was dropped january 10th, 2020 produced by Danny Rodaz. It consists of many different styles almost touching every genre, but the main focus was 


How does black boy joy impact your music?

OH: We are a group of open minded, mixed gendered creatives who have the same goal to overcome hatred and show the world that there's still hope.

How would you describe your style as artists/musicians?

OH: Creative.

How do we find your music?

OH: Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple music. (look up The Hourglass Tape)

How about booking information?