Tisha Caldwell, on how/why she started Malkia ‘Epifania’

July 13, 2021

In Hebrew, Arabic and Swahili, Malkia means queen. Tisha Caldwell, owner of Malkia Images and Malkia Epifania started her business back in 2013. It all unfolded when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she couldn't use any of the products that were on the market resulting from her chemotherapy treatments. We caught up with Tisha, and she spilled the tea on beauty products and how her business got started.

 “I went online and did some research and found out what oils worked best for her and her skin and not dry it out. She had lost all of her hair. I came up with a blend of oils and her hair grew back thicker and longer than it did before she first started chemotherapy, and even before we found out that she had cancer.  That’s how I started my business.

I have met several people with scalp cancer-with skin cancer and in doing a lot of research we find out there's a lot on the market that does have carcinogens, and it has a lot of cancer-causing agents in it that we are not aware of;  they don't tell us about it, and they swear up and down that it doesn't have anything in there. So, with my product there's no chemicals in it, it is all-natural. 

We use shea butter that comes directly from Ghana, so you don't find it here in the states. It is natural, in the purest form. When it comes to our skin, our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and it absorbs everything, including what is in the air, so when we are putting toxins in our bodies from the air we add lotion on top of that-- we're dropping those toxins in, absorbing toxins into our skin from these lotions that have alcohol and other agents in it. Then we wonder why, especially in the  African-American Community, we're coming up with cancers that we have never heard of before, that we have never dealt with before. . .”

Tisha told us that her products, straight from our motherland,  have been hidden. She tapped into that, and she knew that her products would help us out. 

“Some of the stuff that we buy, to be honest with you, Bath & Body Works (that we all love) is one of the worst products to use. We love it because of the smell,  but if you turn that bottle over and look at it, look at all the ingredients that are on there. We can't pronounce half of it.  My ingredients you can pronounce everything. No additives-all natural products because we don't need to be absorbing unnecessary materials that don't belong in our body.”

According to the American Cancer Society and the US Census Bureau, 2014  Blacks have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial/ethnic group in the US for most cancers. The causes of these inequalities are complex and reflect social and economic disparities more than biological differences. 

Inequitable access to opportunities and resources






The Overall standard of living

Barriers to high-quality cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment information and services. 

 “My number one seller is my hair oil and the second one is the whipped shea butter. Then, of course, I also have a body scrub and the body scrub gets rid of all the dead scales. Replenish your skin with the whipped shea butter. The hair oil can be used on a daily basis or it can be used as a hot oil treatment. It is good for hair growth and hair thickening.”

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“I'm really passionate about making sure that we stay healthy as an African American Community, not just what we eat, we also have to take care of our bodies, our skin-- the outer appearance.”