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DJ E-Money

This Girl Is On Fire

Black Girl Magic Spotlight

DJ E-Money

By Ashe’ Magazine Staff

Play that Funky Music Black Girl

Evonne Henderson is a well rounded, student-athlete. She runs track and cross country and competes in the 100 M and the 400 M. She is also, “DJ E-Money,” a DJ in the city of Fresno, California

People are always surprised by her age. She started djing when she was ten years old. Three years later, she’s playing major events, galas, and even weddings. She credits Dulce Upfront’s Royal Jelly Collective for her early development as a selector. The Royal Jelly Collective is a DJ network for women, girls, and non-binary artists to share skills. They meet on a monthly basis. It was through Royal Jelley that she met her mentor, Dj Kase. Kasey taught E-Money to mix and scratch. She supported her on most of her early gigs. Although DJ Kase has now moved to LA, DJ E-Money is forever grateful for the seeds that she planted.

DJ E-Money is a product of her environment. It’s clear that her village has been a catalyst for her confidence and success. Elana Henderson, her older sister. “isn’t afraid of anything. She does whatever she puts her mind to. She’s so confident it’s sometimes irritating. On big deals she’s like I’m gonna do this, you can do that with your friends, but I’m going this way. . . ” And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her mom runs her own business, “she’s super confident,” E-Money says, “My dad’s super confident; he used to do music when he was younger, he works at the hospital. “

Growing up from that musical background, it’s no surprise that hip hop is her favorite genre to spin. At gigs, she mainly follows the playlist the client provides, but on her own time, she’s got some old school artists in her personal playlist like, “No Scrubs,” by TLC. You also might find her vibing to Ciara’s, “Level Up.”

About George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter Movement

There’s a lot of Black men in my life. My dad, my grandad. I think, “that could happen to them.” I think, ok, let me take my hands out of my pockets. Just to be safe. Sadly, many young people echo the sentiment of concern for safety as a life or death matter.

But that’s not stopping DJ E-Money. She will always have her career as DJ, but is also planning to be a therapist. “I want to help people with issues. I want to help them gain their confidence, and look at what going on in their lives.”

She’s got both feet on the ground, and she’s burning it down. This girl is on fire.

Socials: IG@dj_emoney

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