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"We believe Storytelling is the connective tissue that builds a bridge between our organization, our community, and our culture."

Jamillah Finley

Founder & Excutive Director



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About Us

Self discovery. 

Dedicated to creative expression, healing, and economic opportunity, we create programs for reparation, reconciliation, and self discovery. 


Kuumba Center for Afro-diasporic Creativity + Innovation


Kuumba (pronounced koo-OOM-bah), a Swahili word meaning creativity, self-expression through various mediums such as writing, hair, fashion, dance, music, and the arts.


Initiatives & Programs


We critically understand the impact of media, music, and education on our society's perceptions. We seek to create initiatives that birth new narratives.


"BreakBox continuously develops programming that provokes conversation and engrosses their audiences in deep self-analysis regarding community, race, gender and Art. I particularly enjoy their digital and print magazine that is vibrant and unapologetically focused on empowering young African American women through the Arts."

Dr. Cassandra Little,  Ph.D
CEO, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce

“BreakBox Thought Collective is a dynamic and innovative multi-disciplinary arts organization focused specifically on celebrating and lifting up Black artists in Fresno. BreakBox Thought Collective provides a space for expression as well as cultural preservation and celebration that isn’t found anywhere else in Fresno. . . These innovative programs are unique in our community and are needed now more than ever.”

Gretchen Moore

“I love this program because it gives black people, especially black youth, the opportunity to speak their minds and talk about the things that are important to them. Each of us has a unique story to tell and it brings a positive narrative to all of the negative stories that exist throughout our community today. . .We can continue to bring to light the struggles and trials that are often ignored and create a community full of empathy and love.”

Praise Okoli
Ashe Magazine Intern and Program Assistant
University High School

I started this program as a sophomore and now as alumni, I have seen this program grow and uplift Black voices in our community. This program is always finding new ways to support not only the Black community but Black girls/non-binary youth and non-binary/women. It has definitely helped me grow in confidence, supported my healing, and made sure my voice was heard throughout my journey with this program.“

Savannah Grier
Fresno Black Girl Magic Project Alumni
Claremont McKenna College