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Hope Garcia

Black Girl Magic Audio Files

Hope Garcia

By Jamillah “Lila” Finley

Strumming my pain with her fingers

Singing my life with her words

Killing me softly with her song

Killing me softly with her song

Telling my whole life with her words

Killing me softly with her song

I first saw her two years ago at Bitwise South Stadium. She reminded me of a perfect blend of my favorite Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder songs. Maybe every song I’ve loved and listened to in my life were the sum of the soul she brought to the stage. Her concert felt like the soundtrack to my life, but actually, she was just telling her own story. And that’s what makes her so likable. She refers to herself as “everybody’s homegirl.” Say less.

Hope: I'm currently with The Box. The Box is a 90s R&B group, 2000’s and beyond. We do a little bit of everything. I’m working on some personal solo stuff too.

Lila: If you haven't heard of Hope Garcia, you should ask yourself...what have you been doing with your life? You might want to wipe the sleep from your eyes because Hope is the absolute truth. She’s working on a song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hope: Yass, Yass! I've been working on a song and it just kind of hit me with everything going on in the world right now. I wanted to address it, but I didn't know-how. We could see a lot of people marching and simply coming together and organizing. There's a lot of that going on! We need something to march to. So that was driving the song. It's called enough is enough. We’re using lots of live music, and it's basically time. We got everything from rappers coming on, and it's a collaborative effort so I wanted as many Fresno musicians as I can pull in and as well as some people in North Hollywood. We were trying to get this song played during marches and rallies not necessarily for any notoriety but mainly just because it needs to be said.”

Lila: It gives people life. It’s going to give people life because that is what you do!

Hope: Also just to motivate and give soul and life and spirit to the people . .. I spoke with my family and they sent me lines. It's a collaborative effort it's a little bit of everybody's experience put into the song and it makes you move and feel good.

It's going to make you snap your fingers, bob your head, and it’s going to make you move.

Check out Enough is Enough! Set to drop September 27.

Warnor’s Theater

For free tickets follow Hope on Instagram: @hopegarc

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