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Make Healing Your Business Abida_s Essence

Stay Well. Stay Healthy.

The Heart of Abida’s Essence

Abida’s Essence was born out of my personal need for some kind of feminine care system that wasn’t mainstream. So I used a lot of over the counter products and maybe because of sensitivity I simply couldn’t use them anymore. Quite a few women when I would go to the Bay Area said that they were using natural products, and I knew that we were not using highly toxic products with chemicals. The cotton is treated with tons of pesticides. That is being absorbed through the vagina for three to four hours right into the bloodstream. So that impacts your reproductive system. It doesn't happen right away, but when you get into your twenties, it can lead to lots of infertility. That’s why we are encouraging girls to switch over to clean, natural pads. I grew up on old school brands. You can just walk into Target, and it's not so hard to come by and find as it was back then. I think we should all try to make the switch.

Your Body Counts

Abida’s Essence’s purpose is to serve women with actual feminine care and body care and actual wellness supplements like sea moss. Everything is handcrafted by me so that's what makes it special. It's very controlled as far as the quality I know exactly what's in and I'm very transparent and I want them to be very clear whenever I formulate anything I am very meticulous about it. I make sure it's very good and clean and effective. I make sure that it works. I do consultations to help women make the switch. I want them to get the results that they want. We are also known for helping women naturally treat bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections which is on the rise and they will be on that treadmill of going to the doctor, getting antibiotics, and constantly being on a never-ending cycle of prescriptions. I help them find a whole herbal program to naturally eradicate that especially if it’s reoccurring, you have to switch what you’re eating and change quite a few things. It’s a whole system, not just one magic pill. We want you feeding yourself good food, we want you hydrated and just basically embracing a doable and natural lifestyle. It’s not overwhelming, and it doesn’t feel like its too much. It works. After two weeks, I hear women call me and they’ve tapped into their feminine power, feeling balanced and well and feeling their best. Full-spectrum wellness.

A Word for Black Girl Magic

Get ready for the pivot; always have a plan b. I had a great aunt who used to tell me that one of the best things that I could do is take some time to get to know me, and I said, “Auntie, I know me.” She said, No. You don’t. Take your time to get to know you.”

Do what you need for your feminine health and your physical health. Be aware of the fact that your wellness comes from the inside out, and it affects everything. Further your education. Grow your relationships with your family and friends. Reach out for support. You don't have to figure it all out by yourself. Have your support system.

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