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Brianna Knight Interview

Community Spotlight


CEO BOK Naturals

When Beauty is Skin Deep

By Jammy Harris, Age 17

She says she remembers being 1 out of 3 (black) estheticians in a room. She never saw a black skincare line so she wanted to create one consisting of quality and clinically based products

“Stay healthy, keep creating, don’t give up, and quarantine. We need more African American people creating quality products.” -Brianna Knight, CEO BOK Naturals

Brianna had clients who complained about purchasing products that said “clears acne” or “lightens pigmentation” but weren’t really working. Her clients would also purchase products with cute packaging or were promoted by celebrities that did not show any results. She wanted to create a product line that targeted corrective and ethnic skincare that actually worked while providing clean, luxury packaging with fun names to enjoy.

Brianna did facials for eleven years. Within those years she reached all the goals she wanted for her service. She has given facials to celebrities and has grown over time, so she believed it was time to transition out of facials. The COVID 19 pandemic showed her that her service was not essential to the government, which meant she had to close down her business. Throughout the pandemic, she wanted to focus more on what people can still afford and use. People can take care of their skin while at home with these products.

Brianna’s Wins

On paying off a business loan within 6 months

She expressed happily, “Amazing!” She said she felt accomplished. The advice she gave is to be disciplined. Making sure that you have a plan when you're taking out the loan. Also, giving yourself a time span of when you want to be finished paying off your loan.

BOK Clinical is in the process of working with Boxy Charms.

Brianna has been working on at home facial kits for people who still want facials. One of her goals is to also grow financially. The money she makes, she takes home but she also invests back into her business. She wants BOK Clinical to become a household brand eventually. A skincare line that will be worldwide.

About her #1 selling unicorn cleansers

One benefit of the unicorn cleanser is it being Aloe based. Aloe also heals the skin. For example, having a sunburn and then coming home and washing your face will reduce the problem.

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