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Credits- Ashe’ Magazine Staff

Editor in Chief

Jamillah “Lila” Finley

Apprentice to the Editor in Chief

Zander “Zee” Finley, Age 13

African Diasporic Editor

Savannah Grier, Age 17

Style Editor

Kelista Santos, Age 18

Health Editor

Jaymie Sinaloa Maga, Age 17

Expression Editor

Zander “Zee” Finley, Age 13

Copy Editors

Katie Blunt

Tisha Caldwell, Malkia Epifania, and Malkia Images

Elisha Henderson, Final Look Editing

Contributing Writers and Program Participants:

1.Anissa Brown

2.Jermani Davis

3.Evyn Wells- Daoud

4.Zander “Zee” Finley

5.Savannah Grier

6.Jammy Harris

7.Jaymie Maga

8.Praise Okoli

9.Kelista Santos

Creative Director & Wardrobe Stylist: Jamillah Finley

Lead Photographer: Earl Oliver, Ashe’ Magazine

Wardrobe: @Aesthetik Lookbook

Beauty Director: Durand Carter

Street Style Photographer: Tisha Caldwell, Malkia Images

Accessories: Malkia Epifania

Special Thanks to Wild Woman Coaching Consultant- Anita Kopacz, Kehinde Akiwowo, Katie and Edgar Blunt, We are Imago, Lynda Thomsen-Xpress Yourself, Central Valley Foundation-The Big Tell 2020, The McClatchey Foundation, Fresno Arts Council, The California Endowment, Hope Flint, Ome Lopez, Dulce Upfront, Swts N Treats, Digital Century, Aly Honore Photography, Jackie Smith for your love, support and editing synergy.

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