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Clinay Wills Interview

From 2011 to 2015, she worked as an intern in Hollywood at a desk. She loved the work that she did but she always knew there was something else in the plan for her.

She was inspired by her mother. Her mom was an entrepreneur, owning a nail shop called, “All About Nails.” Clinay then started a boutique online. With this boutique, she wanted to one day bring it to Fresno as a business. She wanted to build her brand in her hometown. The name Seasoned Trends Studio came from the saying “there’s a season for everything in your life” and “everything comes from different seasons.” For example, love, friendships, success, and fashion. Clinay never saw a one-stop-shop in Fresno, so that’s when she wanted to invest in her dream, Seasoned Trends Studio. Seasoned Trends was an online boutique since 2013. In 2015, Seasoned Trends Studio was officially opened in Fresno.

What steps did it take to create Seasoned Trends Studio?

Clinay says humorously, “it took a lot of prayer, blood, sweat, and tears.” She started at the bottom when she first opened her boutique. She had to officially move back to Fresno to make sure the shop thrived. She even emptied her bank account and went into debt to remodel Seasoned Trends Studio. Also, not giving up and keeping herself focused on what she desired. She continued to press forward and kept going no matter what. Clinay’s mom also showed a lot of love and support. She strongly believes God did the rest. Additionally, she went to school for business marketing and communication. Originally, Clinay went to staffing shows to find the hottest talent to create this one-stop-shop so women feel empowered and feel welcomed on the inside and out. These were the steps that created Seasoned Trends Studio.

How does it feel to be a black woman owning your own business?

She said, “it feels good.” Even when it’s hard sometimes because she feels like she didn't get the same advantages as other people. It’s also very empowering to her to be in a space to tell other black girls that they can write their own “ticket” and be their own boss. To tell young black girls to never give up. Clinay’s elementary school teacher used to say “Try hard, do your best and never give up.”

What were some downfalls that you faced and how did you overcome them?

One of the downfalls she faced was retention. When working in the beauty industry there can be a shop full of stylists and sometimes it’ll just be you paying the bills by yourself. Being in a situation like that you have to make sure the lease gets paid and for you to keep going. Also, Clinay says, “finding talent that wants to build as much as you do.” People ask her how she deals with women. She tells them, “it’s about respect, honor, and being transparent giving room for everyone to grow” She believes it's much easier to become a better boss when there are other boss women that work with you too. She overcomes it also by creating relationships that are honest and that allows others to grow as she grows. She says, “you’re not a boss unless you show someone else how to be a boss.” Overall it's the torch and inspiration of passing it on to someone else and that's what counts.

What future plans do you have for Seasoned Trends Studio?

One plan of Clinay’s is to open up multiple Seasoned Trends Studio. She wants to have them in multiple cities further down the line. Then build it to become a franchise and also increase online purchases and expand on the website.

How is Seasoned Trends Studio a one-stop-shop?

She says, “it's a one-stop-shop because they have threading, nails, braiding services, and a boutique all in one place. So you can get hooked up from head to toe walking inside one building.”

Is there anything else that you would like the magazine readers to know?

She says, “ I want them to know to remember to plant good seeds. When you plant good seeds bear good fruit, even if the seed takes a long time to grow the harvest will eventually come.” #shesisinspired

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