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Colored girls and rainbows

By Afia (Born on Friday) June

If the rainbow is not enuf For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide

then Colored girls

Have not considered the rainbow

The miracle is that the rainbow is just like her

Colored and curved

Made from the stuff of waterfalls

And i thought about clouds

when i was not enuf

then considered the rainbow

because each color has a different wavelength

When u know who u r b anything else?

no one could reach me

no matter how close

now they see me

now they don’t

my color

my curve


Like blue lights bouncing out of raindrops

sister to the storm and rain

a distant cousin to the sunshine

from fog and sea spray

from waterfalls

could form right in front of you

and still you will only see a piece of me

i thought about clouds

when i was not enuf

and considered myself a rainbow

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