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Finding Joy

Healing Black Joy Matters

Black Lives Matter


Quarantine Cuties

Editor’s Corner

What can we say about 2020?

This year has truly taken our breath away. No. Literally... .like -- We can't breathe.

From the facemasks to police brutality, this year has been a gut punch, a sucker punch, that none of us saw coming.

And what's so amazing, is that we keep finding joy in the midst of it all.

Whether we are out protesting, or gardening in our backyards, we are still connecting with our passions.

The essence of the challenges we face in life is ingenuity. .pulling nothing out of a hat, leveraging what we have to make something beautiful. This is what we do.

A pandemic.

A revolution.

We have tapped into something bigger than we are, something divine. We are being given the opportunity to reinvent the way we do life without the busyness. We are picking up new eating habits, cooking, making art, and being creative, learning new ways to connect while staying safe, and just keeping our heads up in general.


We are disturbing the peace and upsetting the status quo against racism. We are learning to use our voices. Organizing campaigns and protests. Provoking a global movement. Foregrounding Black creatives. Supporting Black businesses and...resting.

So, while this year is off to a rocky start, we hope that this issue reminds us that we are made up of some pretty tough stuff.

To Finding Joy!

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