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The Miscarriage of Justice

By Jamillah “Lila” Finley

If justice was a woman

She’d be a black woman

A pregnant


Black woman

Carrying low and heavy

She”d be sitting in the waiting room of the emergency

She’d be overlooked

She’d be spotting

She’d get up to ask how much longer

But She’d be dismissed For the patient assumed to have insurance

She would realize this

She would sit down, sift hurriedly through her pocketbook

retrieve her insurance card

return to the counter

By this time

Justice would be hemorrhaging

Justice would bleed down her leg

The barrier separating the gatekeeper at the front desk from justice

would prevent her crisis from being seen

Her legitimate, medical emergency would be as Invisible as her humanity

Justice would plead

Having miscarried before

She would recognize this impending feeling in her body

Justice would feel the contractions, the back pain

She would demand, “I need to be seen Immediately”

Describing her symptoms with medical precision

She would be met with surprise

The front desk would call security

The voice on the other line would ask her to be described

The Front desk would iterate

She’s Female shes Black shes irate she’s yelling

Front desk would state if you don’t leave you're trespassing

She would be torn between her demand for equality and her desire to not be criminalized

She would add

I have rights

I need a patient advocate

This violates the code of medical ethics

1.1.3 to courtesy, respect, dignity, and timely responsive attention to my needs

The front desk would turn and work on other tasks

She would become frantic

She would try to calm herself

But then she would remember who she was

She would present her id

She would demand indignantly

I am Justice

Security would ask her to leave

She would refuse

Security would call the police

Justice would wain

Grow faint


Get up again

She would be escorted outside

The police would arrive

She would be relieved

Explaining her plight to the officer through her pain

Knowing that they would be obligated to enforce the law

Hoping that she was not wrong

The officer would walk away

Consult with security

They would get their stories straight

The people would cry for justice

Later that day

When her death is announced on the news

If justice was a woman she’d be a black woman.

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