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Zero F’s Given

Zero F’s Given is literally that... a day of giving Zero F’s; a day of abstinence in honor of all of the people who couldn’t say no.

Zero F’s Given

Can you imagine a world with...

Zero cases of violence.

Zero cases of abuse.

Zero cases of inequality.

Zero cases of being afraid to speak up.

Zero F’s Given.

Each shirt purchased will help end gender based violence.

Zero F's Given is a campaign to raise awareness and help victimized and disenfranchised populations heal from sexual trauma, find their voice, and reclaim their power. Created by Anita Kopacz, Zero F's Given is a campaign to help The Center for Safety & Change, a nonprofit, tax-exempt community organization serving victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes in Rockland County, New York. 80% of the profits will go directly to the center to fund programs and help survivors. The Center for Safety & Change has been serving victims and survivors in the Rockland County area since 1979.

Celebrity photographer Keith Major, donated his services to create the beautiful images you see.

Photographer- Keith Major

MUA- Tisa Howard and Kharisma Pari

Hair- Bonnie Geronimo and Ambar C.

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